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One of North America's Fastest Growing Thaï Franchises

Thai Express Franchise Makes a Great Multi-Unit Development

With many large markets available in the US, it’s a great time to invest in Thai Express

Thai Express franchise is a recognized leader in restaurants in Canada, and when we decided to introduce the brand to the U.S. we knew we had a potential giant on our hands. That’s because Thai Express is a multi-unit opportunity for experienced restaurateurs and franchise operators.

Backed by Kahala BrandsTM in the U.S. and parent company MTY GroupTM in Canada, Thai Express franchise owners have the resources they need to deliver the products customers love at a price that is attractive to almost any diner. Thai Express owners provide customers with delicious, authentic Thai cuisine – a huge potential market of hungry guests that’s virtually unserved, as Vice President of Franchise Development Ray Zandi explains.

thai express franchise

“Thai food is hugely popular to American consumers, and yet there isn’t a single national player in the market,” Zandi says. “Thai Express is positioned to be that competitor, and just like the brand’s growth in Canada, the potential in the U.S. is huge. It’s a great time to consider multi-unit operations to help scale your restaurant faster.”

Thai Express is one of the world’s largest Thai food franchise opportunities. Founded in 2004, Thai Express took Canada by storm, growing to more than 290 locations in the past decade. In response to a powerful demand for an authentic, fast and affordable Thai experience, the brand exploded in popularity in Canada to become one of the most recognizable restaurants in the nation. Bolstered by the support and leadership of franchise giants MTY Group and Kahala Brands, Thai Express is entering the United States market — where the demand for Thai food has been rising for years. Now is a unique time for multi-unit operators to join Thai Express. Here’s why.

Thai Express franchise scales rapidly

For almost 15 years, MTY Group has enhanced the business model, systems and tools necessary to enable franchise owners to grow their Thai Express franchise operations. As new operators enter the U.S. market, this presents a unique opportunity to be first-to-market with a mature franchise concept that has a market-tested operational model.

“Thai Express is new to the U.S., but it’s hardly a new business,” Zandi says. “Franchise owners in Canada have been working the Thai Express system for more than a decade, and the techniques developed there work here, as well. The menus, the processes, everything has been time-tested in Canada, and that means the business can scale faster in the U.S. as a result.”

So far, more than 40 locations are on the books for Thai Express – in our first year of U.S. operations. Entrepreneurs are seeing the benefits of being first-to-market with Thai Express, and they understand how quickly the brand can grow in their areas.

Multiple units grow the brand faster

Opening a Thai Express isn’t like joining a franchise startup. We have the highly visible brand with the mature look and feel of an established company. That’s because Thai Express is an established company with a long track record of growth in Canada – experience Kahala Brands puts to work for U.S. franchise owners.

“Whether it’s restaurant design, the logo and branding, or just the look and feel of the pop-culture inspired advertising campaigns, Thai Express doesn’t look like a new franchise startup,” Zandi says. “We’ve already seen how quickly a customer will become a regular after just one visit. When they see multiple restaurants throughout their home market, that dedication grows that much faster. Thai Express really becomes a part of their daily dining habits.”

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Each Thai Express location benefits from years of design experience that incorporates the ancient traditions of Feng Shui. The menu features more than 300 unique flavor combinations that answer the demand for authentic Thai cuisine. And because customers become regulars quickly, they know they can turn to Thai Express to answer that hunger at an affordable value.

Asian cuisine is popular everywhere

“Look around a busy food court or shopping center, and wherever you see people going to eat, that’s a great location for a Thai Express,” Zandi says. “Thai food has broad appeal and our brand offers something for just about every diner – from vegetarians to pasta fanatics. Thai Express’s menu covers all of the Thai bases – savory, sweet, salty, spicy – and it’s with quality food prepared to order while the customer waits. You won’t find that in many other QSRs or fast casual dining brands.”

The Thai Express franchise stands out in the crowded QSR market. Whether you’re looking at opening your first major area development or expanding your existing operations with a new brand, Thai Express is a great fit.

Bring Thai Express to your community today

Be the first to market with Thai Express in your community, and experience firsthand the value of the Thai Express customer relationship. Our brand’s loyal clientele, a tested product and brand a proven system  – all part of what makes Thai Express a great opportunity.

Investment costs range from $370,900 to $832,700, depending on the model you choose and location costs, which makes Thai Express a remarkably affordable entry into a potentially huge growth market. Learn more about owning a Thai Express today at our franchise
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