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Three Reasons Customers Love Thai Express

Our Thai food franchise resonates with customers in Canada, and we believe Americans will love it, too

When it comes to Thai food, customers demand authenticity, diversity and flavor — three areas in which Thai dxpress dxcels. We pioneered the Thai food franchise in Canada and now we’re bringing our expertise to eager audiences in the U.S.

Thai Express is the world’s largest Thai food franchise. Beginning in 2004, our Thai QSR franchise conquered Canadian food courts and strip centers. With 285 locations across Canada, we tap into pent-up demand for an authentic, fast and affordable Thai experience, and Thai Express has exploded into one of the most recognizable restaurant brands in Canada. Bolstered by the support and leadership of franchise giants MTY Group and Kahala Brands, Thai Express is coming to America, where the demand for Thai food has been rising for years, which is just one factor that convinced Eddy the U.S. market is ready for Thai Express.

But don’t take our word for it. Have a look at what one group of travelers from Tulsa, OK had to say about their first visit to a Thai Express after discovering our Thai food franchise via Trip Advisor.

“We were visiting the Parliament buildings, and wanted to eat something nearby that was interesting and not too expensive,” writes JV-in-Tulsa on Trip Advisor. They found what they were looking for in the Thai Express location in a nearby food court. “My wife and I both enjoyed our dishes very much, and will definitely be on the lookout for this chain elsewhere.”

Customers love Thai Express and are constantly coming back for new food experiences — of which there are more than 300 possible combinations on our menu. Here are just a few of the things customers had to say about their Thai Express experience:

“You can’t go wrong grabbing a bite to go here, it is always busy and very quick. Enough choices to please every palate spicy or not. Generous portions as well!” Beach4ever4me, via Trip Advisor

“I am hooked on Pad Sew. The Pad Sew (beef, medium spice) is a must-try. Massive rice noodles, big Chinese broccoli, egg yolk and tender beef pieces. Oh and did I mention the sauce? YUM…Honestly, for a franchise, this is great.” Sal, via Zomato

“There was a short wait while it was being cooked. When the food arrived, there was generous portions of chicken, rice and there was lots of cashew nuts mixed in. You also have the option to sprinkle crushed peanut pieces on top of your meal. Honestly, this plate of food rivaled any Thai restaurant we have been in – absolutely delicious. Various other options available, many appetizers but this meal as is was more than enough.” Johnathan D, via Trip Advisor

When it comes to providing fast, delicious, and affordable Thai food, the verdict is in: Thai Express can’t be beat. Now, we’re bringing our authentic Thai experience to the United States with our first 10 stores set to open in 2017, making now a great time to join the Thai Express revolution.

Be the first to market with your own Thai Express

Bring Thai Express to your community, and you can experience firsthand the value of the Thai Express customer relationship — a loyal clientele, a tested product and brand, and a proven system — all part of what makes Thai Express a great opportunity.

Investment costs range from $370,900 to $832,700, depending on the model you choose and location costs, which make Thai Express a remarkably affordable entry into a potentially huge growth market. Learn more about owning a Thai Express today.

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