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4 Reasons Thai Express Is Right for a Food Court Near You

A Thai cuisine franchise is a great addition to mall dining options across the country

The next time you’re at the mall, glance around the food court and it’s easy to see who the standout food options are — just look for the longest lines. That’s how Thai ExpressTM owner Jacky Chhan found Thai Express and why he decided the Thai food franchise was the right business for him.

Jacky opened his Thai Express in a bustling mall in Montreal, and in just a few short months he knew he had made the right decision.

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“We usually have a line during lunchtime, maybe a line of up to 30 or 40 people,” Jacky says. “They know we’re going to serve them fast. Customers come again and again, and that helps grow revenues and build the business.”

Thai Express is the world’s largest Thai food franchise. Beginning in 2004, the Thai QSR franchise conquered Canadian food courts and strip centers. With 285 locations across Canada, we tap into pent-up demand for an authentic, fast and affordable Thai experience, and Thai Express has exploded into one of the most recognizable restaurant brands in Canada. Bolstered by the support and leadership of franchise giants MTY Group™ and Kahala Brands™, Thai Express is coming to America, where the demand for Thai food has been rising for years.

We offer models for in-line restaurants and food courts, with individualized designs created to fit perfectly into any environment. Wherever you see Asian food, there’s a great spot for a Thai Express nearby, and here are four reasons why:

1.) Asian food is in high demand. Asian food is the fastest growing segment of the restaurant market in the world. The Washington Post notes that Asian cuisine has grown at a rate of 500% since 1999 — a rate of growth larger than the next four categories (Middle Eastern, pizza, chicken and Latin) combined1. Thai Express’s unique, made-to-order model skips the hot counters and cafeteria feel, replacing it with authentic, fresh Thai dishes.

2.) Thai food is a popular choice in core demographics. According to Edelman Digital, some 23% of millennials say they eat Thai food regularly. Yet Thai food is mostly served in up-scale, family-run establishments2. Thai Express brings delicious, made-to-order Thai cuisine to the $206 billion QSR market.

3.) Thai Express is a proven, affordable entry point to a massive market. Startup costs for a Thai Express food court model range from $365,900 to $593,500 — an incredibly affordable investment in a potentially huge, first-to-market opportunity to own a proven franchise concept. Our franchise owners are delivering popular, made-to-order Thai dishes at more than 275 locations across Canada.

4.) Did we mention Thai Express is made to order? Each and every dish that comes out of a Thai Express was made for that customer while they wait and, more importantly, as they watch. Customers pick their ingredients and then watch as the skilled staff cooks their food for them right there on the line, food theatre at its finest. And best of all, we deliver these dishes in less than 3 minutes.

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Thai Express is a franchise opportunity unlike any other — a first-to-market, made-to-order Asian QSR franchise that taps into a huge demand for a popular, underserved ethnic food. Now is a great time to join Thai Express.

Bring Thai Express to your community today

Be the first to market with Thai Express in your community, and you can experience firsthand the value of the Thai Express customer relationship — a loyal clientele, a tested product and brand, and a proven system — all part of what makes Thai Express a great opportunity.

Investment costs range from $365,900 to $832,700, depending on the model you choose and location costs, which make Thai Express a remarkably affordable entry into a potentially huge growth market. Learn more about owning a Thai Express today.

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