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Thai Express Franchises Are Good Fits in Any Surrounding

Crowded shopping centers or multipurpose destinations are solid locations for a business that meets demands for fast, fresh and healthy dining options

Location, location, location. It’s an old real estate saying, and it’s as true now for siting a business as it ever has been. For Thai Express™ franchise owners, it’s also a wide-open opportunity thanks to a model that fits into very different environments.

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“Thai Express works very well in a food-court setting, whether in a traditional mall or other large facility,” says Ray Zandi, Vice President of Business Development. “At the same time, the model also is designed to function as a standalone or end-cap restaurant in a more open commercial setting.”

Food courts provide solid opportunity

As large shopping malls see a renaissance as they bring in new retail tenants or are repurposed, they still offer large and well-trafficked food courts. The Thai Express franchise concept can shine there, Zandi says.

“The focus of Thai Express is fresh and fast,” he points out. “People don’t want to sacrifice on taste or nutrition just because they want their meal quickly. Thai Express delivers a wide variety of combinations, so they can choose something different on every visit, which builds loyalty. And it’s also an appealing cooking process, which draws interest from passers-by and helps boost sales.”

In-line, end-cap locations have appeal

For Thai Express franchise owners who have opted for a larger, end-cap or in-line retail model, the news is just as good. Shopping destinations that offer a mix of retail and restaurant choices, as well as fitness centers, multiplexes and more are also good for Thai Express, as are more traditional neighborhood locations.

“Thai Express is a destination, no matter where it’s located,” Zandi says. “People who love Thai food know that this is an authentic, on-point brand, and so they want it in their commercial areas as well as their neighborhoods. A Thai Express franchise is a welcome addition to any area.”

Bring Thai Express to your community today

Thai Express is a low-cost investment opportunity with high potential for growth as it expands across the United States. Startup costs range from $337,900 to $753,700 depending on the model. Since 2004, Thai Express has spread across the Canadian market with a business model built for entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing an authentic and affordable Thai food experience to their communities. The franchise fee for the first Thai Express franchise is $30,000, and the franchise fee for multiple units can be discounted if certain conditions and criteria are met. For more information, download our free franchise information report.

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