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Thai Express Franchise Training Helps New Business Owners Ramp Up Quickly

Comprehensive program covers not only back-office procedures, but also food preparation, inventory control and other crucial operations

The advice of “do what you know” is sound when looking to launch a small business, but it also can unnecessarily box in an entrepreneur. That’s why anyone looking at the Thai Express™ franchise opportunity should know that not having a food-industry background is no problem at all.

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“Many well-qualified businesspeople are interested in this concept, and they hesitate because they’ve never worked in a restaurant or interacted with one at a business level,” says Ray Zandi, Vice President of Business Development. “In response, Thai Express has created a training program that more than prepares them for not only the day-to-day franchise operations, but also the longer-term activities that help produce efficiency and enhance revenue generation.”

Operational expertise is core goal

The Thai Express franchise owner training is built into the brand’s overall system, which is designed to create an operation that allows sit-down, chef-quality food that can be made by essentially anyone who’s been through a training program,” Zandi says.

“We spend three weeks with new franchise owners, and break that into two segments: classroom and restaurant,” he explains. “The classroom setting works for people who may have operational experience as well as for someone who’s never been in the restaurant business. We teach them not just the basics of restaurant operations, but the specifics of how to run a Thai Express franchise. That includes how to understand their numbers, so they are on top of inventory, costs — all the economics.”

In-restaurant training provides valuable skills

Then the training pivots to an actual Thai Express location, where new franchise owners get hands-on experience behind the counter, preparing menu items and putting their classroom knowledge to the test.

“We teach them to work behind the counter, and how to work behind the wok,” Zandi says. “The Thai Express franchise owner training system is designed to ensure every owner can perform every function the restaurant needs. And it’s also been designed in a simplified, streamlined process so that learning everything is relatively easy, and also quite fast.”

Bring a Thai Express franchise to your community today

Thai Express franchise is a low-cost investment opportunity with high potential for growth as it expands across the United States. Startup costs range from $370,900 to $832,700, depending on the model. Since 2004, Thai Express has spread across the Canadian market with a business model built for entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing an authentic and affordable Thai food experience to their communities. The franchise fee for the first Thai Express franchise is $30,000, and the franchise fee for multiple units can be discounted if certain conditions and criteria are met. For more information, download our free franchise information report.

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