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Thai Express Franchise Closes in on First U.S. Location

Thai food franchise is coming soon to Mall of America®, as it ramps up for a nationwide expansion

Thai Express™ has come to America! In just a matter of weeks, the premier Thai food franchise will open its first restaurant in the Mall of America in Minneapolis, and we have numbers 2, 3 and 4 already in the works.

“It’s an exciting time for Thai Express,” says John Wuycheck, Sr. Vice President of Development for Thai Express. “We opened the first restaurant in Canada just 12 years ago, and today we’ve cornered the Thai market there. You can’t go anywhere in Canada and not be near a Thai Express. Now, we’re set to do the same thing in America.”

mall of america

Founded in 2004, Thai Express took Canada by storm, growing to over 285 locations in the last decade. Tapping into a powerful, unfed demand for an authentic, fast and affordable Thai experience, Thai Express has exploded in popularity in Canada to become not just the top Asian QSR in the country, but also one of the most recognizable restaurant brands in the nation. Bolstered by the support and leadership of franchise giants MTY Group™ and Kahala Brands™, Thai Express is entering the United States market where the demand for Thai food has been rising for years.

Thai cuisine is an underserved market in America. In fact, Thai food is singled out by almost a quarter of millennials as a favorite food that they seek out on a weekly basis. Yet, look around and the only Thai food you’ll find is served by mom-and-pop, fine dining establishments. We’re about to change all of that, and here are three ways how.

Wherever there is Asian food, there should be Thai Express

mall of americaWhen you’re at the mall, shopping, sometimes you get hungry. Look at the choices and you’ll see a burger joint, maybe a taco stand, and some variation of Asian food served cafeteria-style from a hot table. Thai Express changes that.

“Each and every meal we serve is prepared right there, as the customer waits, from fresh, whole ingredients,” John says. “There are no mystery meats and no precooked dishes to spoon out. Instead, we perform food theatre for the customer while they wait — and most dishes are delivered in less than three minutes.”

This revolutionary approach to authentic Thai food elevates Thai from “special occasion” to “lunch every day.” And, because the simple menu offers diverse options, customers can dine more than 300 times and never try the same dish twice.

Two franchise models for any situation

Thai Express offers franchise owners two franchise models — a food court model and an in-line or end-cap restaurant model — to accommodate virtually any location. This versatility is part of the secret of how Thai Express conquered the competitive Canadian franchise scene and it’s well-suited to America, where people’s time is becoming increasingly strained between work, family and social commitments.

“We take Thai food out of the mom-and-pop and put it front-and-center where people already are — grocery shopping, out for a movie night, or bouncing around antique stores on a lazy Saturday,” John says. “By liberating Thai from the fine-dining establishment model, Thai Express is able to serve more people, more frequently, and at a lower cost than other Thai restaurants.”

Affordable, delicious and healthy Thai food awaits every diner who steps into a Thai Express. As our franchise owners in Canada will attest, it takes but one visit to make a Thai food fan a Thai Express customer for life.

Thai Express becomes their Thai food of choice

Once customers try Thai Express for the first time, they come back again and again. Sometimes, they’re on the prowl for their favorite Pad Thai. Other times, maybe they’re adventuresome and looking to test out one of the limited time offerings or specials. Either way, they’re there for delectable, authentic Thai.

mall of america thai express

“It really only takes one visit,” says multi-unit franchise owner Eddy Hassan. “They come in once, they get hooked, and they come in again and again — sometimes every day for lunch.”

Customer loyalty is just one of the hundreds of reasons Eddy decided to bring his Thai Express empire south of the border. He’ll open America’s first Thai Express later this quarter in the Mall of America in Minneapolis.

Bring a Thai Express franchise to your community today

Thai Express is a low-cost investment opportunity with high potential for growth as we expand across the United States. Startup costs range from $370,900 to $832,700, depending on the model you choose. Since 2004, we saturated the Canadian market with a business model built for entrepreneurs who are passionate about bringing an authentic and affordable Thai food experience to their communities. The franchise fee for your first Thai Express franchise is $30,000, and the franchise fee for multiple units can be discounted if certain conditions and criteria are met.

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